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At the beginning of January, I set myself a goal to see if I could make at least one post on flow|state a month. January's now over, with no post. I've had a draft of the promised follow-up to the last post on the Shared Suffering Hypothesis under construction for three months. (Thanks to Michael, Barry, Evan, & co. for their comments, the most interesting dialogue I've received on a post in a long while.) I still can't find the time to finish off the darn post.

It's sinking in that helming a startup through a stormy economy while adequately parenting three young children just doesn't leave enough personal time to do this blog justice. FeedBurner says I've got several thousand subscribers, and I've occasionally run into readers who offered me their encouragement (thanks, John F.!). I would prefer not to leave them wondering why there's no activity.

I need less stress, not more, right now, and think the safest thing to do is declare an indefinite blog hiatus. There are still countless UI topics on which I would like to write, and I hope at some point to find the time to get some down. At that point you—and I—can be pleasantly surprised. Until then, thanks for reading.