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Wall Street Journal: "Cozi just works."

I normally avoid any overt plugs for Cozi Central here, but everyone here in my office is very excited by a favorable review of Cozi Central in today’s Wall Street Journal: Getting Families Synced Up.

"Cozi just works. It looks clean, organized and uncluttered, regardless of hectic schedules. It’s also easy enough for anyone to use, and Cozi Group Inc. is constantly working to improve the program, which is a good sign."

The Journal’s research into our product was extremely thorough. I’ve fielded dozens and dozens of fact-checking questions in the past two days alone. Katie rightfully dinged the product for a few minor issues that had been missed by others, and in each case we’re looking forward to fixing the issue as soon as possible.

As a designer, it’s always gratifying to see an objective evaluation like this confirm that you’re on the right track. Ultimately, users decide for themselves whether a product meets their needs, but the press obviously plays a vital role in getting the word out to them.