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Using QuickUI controls in plain JavaScript

I’ve heard from people who are interested in using QuickUI (including the controls I’ve been discussing here in Control of the Week posts), but who want to do so in pure JavaScript. If this sounds like you, I have good news:

  1. The framework has received a number of updates over the past two months such that it is now practical to use QuickUI in pure JavaScript and CSS.
  2. I’ve put together an interactive tutorial that shows you how to do this.

Until now, it’s been easiest to develop in QuickUI using a proprietary HTML-like markup language which, though nice and compact, also necessitates the need for a client-side compiler. Now that the markup requirement has been removed, you should be able to use any of the QuickUI controls described here in any web app.

By the way, the above link will take you to a new, separate QuickUI blog that’s intended as a more technical resource for people already using the framework. I intend to keep the flow|state blog here as a separate venue for discussing UI design topics. Posts here may touch on QuickUI (given my current work), but my goal is that those posts will still be interesting and relevant to an audience of designers who don’t code or aren’t interested in coding.

I'd just like to offer thanks to the individuals who have provided me with feedback on the evolving shape of QuickUI. Your thoughtful commentary has been invaluable!