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QuickkUI 0.9.1 released

QuickUI 0.9.1 contains two changes:

First, it’s now even easier to create web user interface components in CoffeeScript. When CoffeeScript support in QuickUI was first announced a month ago, you had to include a boilerplate constructor. This was required to work around a limitation in CoffeeScript, in which CoffeeScript’s default constructor for a class didn’t return a value. (See a good summary of the issue here.) That issue has now been fixed in CoffeeScript 1.3.3. With a considerable degree of rework in the base Control class, you can now create a new user interface control in a single line of CoffeeScript:

control window.MyButton extends BasicButton

The QuickUI documentation for creating controls in CoffeeScript has been updated to reflect this.

Second, QuickUI 0.9.1 has a simplified model for generic styling. The QuickUI Catalog controls define generic styles that allow them to function without you needing to provide styling for them. You can easily turn off a base class’ generic style by setting the subclass’ generic() property to false.