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QuickUI 0.9.2 released

Version 0.9.2 is primarily a bug-fix release. Beyond a variety of minor fixes, there are just a couple of notable changes:

  1. Using $.control( element ) on an existing element to cast the element to the correct subclass of Control now returns null (instead of undefined) if the given element is not a control.
  2. A bug has been fixed which prevented quickui.js from loading in IE8. Thanks to QuickUI user Toussaint for reporting this bug and helping to test the fix!

The release of 0.9.2 coincides with the release of version 0.9.2 of the QuickUI Catalog, which includes the following:

  1. Modes now derives from a new base class called Sequence, a general-purpose class for any linear sequence of elements that can be navigated via a next() and previous() method. Modes now focuses on showing just one element of a Sequence at a time. As part of this change, Modes.activeChild() has been renamed to Modes.activeElement().
  2. SlidingPages has been renamed SlidingPanels (since its contained elements aren’t necessarily pages). The class now also derives from Sequence. Finally, SlidingPanels has been updated to take advantage of CSS transitions on browsers that support them, falling back to a jQuery animation on older browsers.
  3. LateralNavigator has been refactored to handle two general cases: first, navigating through a Sequence of elements, and second navigating through an abstract axis like time. The former case is specifically addressed with a new class called SequenceNavigator. The latter case is used in CalendarMonthNavigator.
  4. An issue that prevented CalendarMonthNavigator from correctly vertically aligning its heading elements has been fixed. CalendarMonthNavigator now also uses a new class, MonthAndYear, to show both the month and year instead of just the month name.
  5. A new VerticalAlign class handles the general problem of vertically aligning child elements in older browsers.
  6. A new Carousel class derives from SequenceNavigator, and uses a SlidingPanels class to provide a sliding transition between elements in the sequence.
  7. The TabSet class has been renamed to Tabs.

This release is also notable as the first one in which Catalog controls have been written (and, some cases, rewritten) in CoffeeScript.