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Introducing Graph Origami

I’ve made a video to introduce Graph Origami: a novel conceptual framework and toolset for building websites and other digital content using graphs as foundational design and development artifacts. This approach makes frontend and backend development in JavaScript enormously productive (and fun!).

Some features shown in the video:

I’ve been researching this approach for over two years and continue to be regularly delighted by what it lets you accomplish. If I can conceptualize what I’m trying to do as operations on a graph, the code required to express that tends to be concise and work the first time.

Graph Origami is not yet a product but is ready for you to try. I’m specifically looking for people who might be interested in collaborating on applying these ideas to their projects — I want to see how this approach works in a wider range of applications, and ensure the project evolves in a direction you’d find useful. If this sound interesting to you, please contact me.