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Cozi calendar UI overhaul

It’s been way too long since I was last able to post here, mostly because having three small children equates to having zero personal time. Still, work has been productive. Today Cozi posted an update to the web version of our family calendar. Our web calendar has long lagged behind the PC version, but we’ve been working hard to correct that, and today’s release represents a big step towards that goal.

Before today, the calendar was a bare-bones UI that looked like this:

The new calendar looks like this:

We still have a long list of improvements in the works for the calendar, but this latest public release already includes a range of large feature enhancements and small fit-and-finish details that collectively make the new calendar, IMHO, quite polished for an AJAX UI:

Overall, we’re quite happy with the result. We have more improvements to the Cozi calendar in the works, and are eager for those to see the light of day too.