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google-map — A simple wrapper for maps and driving directions

Many companies embed a hard-coded Google Map on their site to show, for example, the location of their office. This component allows you to easily create more dynamic maps. You could, for example, combine this with geo-location to show your user’s current location.

Likes: You can combine the basic google-map component with the companion google-map-directions to provide driving directions from the user to your store, office, etc. This points toward a momentous promise: a domain- specific markup language for creating interactive maps.

Dislikes: In its current state, this component mostly wraps the Google Maps API, which is powerful but rather complex if you’re not already familiar with it. In many cases (e.g., a driving route with more than one stop), you’ll be forced to use the more complex underlying API. Given Google’s preemince in mapping, we’d love to see them push much further with this library of components.

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