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Sample Origami site for an outdoor trekking company

Each month this year I’m trying to post a sample website written in Origami, a declarative programming language at the level of #HTML and #CSS for defining websites. This month’s sample is Aventour Expeditions, a site for an outdoor travel company.

It’s easy to have Origami call other template languages, so for this sample I used the Handlebars template language to turn markup and data into HTML.

Home page for an outdoor trekking company with tagline "Start your adventure" Page for a trek to the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

It took just a few lines of Origami code to define the structure of the site and indicate which Handlebars template should be used to create which pages. For this outdoor travel example, Origami makes it very, very easy to:

Origami site definition for the trekking company site Tree diagram of the trekking company site

Origami also made it easy to cross-link the data for each trek with related treks. That allows the page for one trek to show cards links to related treks.

Page showing related treks to mountain destinations in Canada and Nepal

Aside: modern HTML and CSS are soooo much better than the past. I based the trekking site on a WordPress template whose design I liked but whose HTML/CSS was ridiculously complex and burdened with tons of JavaScript for trivial things.

Rewriting slashed the size of the pages. For the home page:

Before: 42k HTML, 600k CSS, 1580k JS

After: 13k HTML, 12k CSS, 0k JS!