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Consolidating blog content

For the new year, I consolidated content from three earlier blogs to create a new blog at https://jan.miksovsky.com. This includes content from: a) flow|state, a UI design blog I wrote from 2005–2014, b) a blog for my UI component framework called QuickUI from 2012–2013, and c) the blog for my second startup, Component Kitchen, which was generally focused on web components from 2014–2020.

My goal has been to create a single site for my professional work. I’ve been invigorated by the resurrection of interest in blogging spurred by Twitter’s recent self-immolation, and by my general growing interest in removing corporate gatekeepers from our public presences.

I did the porting and consolidation, as well as the ongoing serving of it at this new location, using a new set of tools I hope to begin discussing publicly soon.